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Different Areas of Anti-wrinkle Injections? Available to our Patients

Upper Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Laughter lines
Mid Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Lines around the nose - Nasal scrunch
  • Lines around the mouth - Smokers lines, Marionette Lines
Lower Face Anti-wrinkle injections area of treatment:
  • Jaw line - To soften the Masseter or chewing muscles to give a softer jaw line
  • Neck Lift - The No-knife Celebrity Neck Lift is an advanced procedure which redefines lines of the jaw and neck; reducing the appearance of jowls for a youthful more contoured appearance
  • Chin - To eliminate cross-hatched lines that give the chin an undesirable look
  • Decollage - To reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles between the collar bones and the tops of the breasts
Anti-wrinkle injections to combat excessive perspiration:

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to reduce excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis) which can affect the hands, armpits, chest and feet and treatments are extremely effective, quickly reducing this sometimes embarrassing condition.

Allison Jeffery


Single Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments Course of 8 Treatments
Nose £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Eyebrows £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Earlobes £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Cheek £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Upper Lip £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Chin £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Jawline £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Sideburns £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Neck - Front £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Upper Lip & Chin £65.00 £175.50 £312.00 £390.00
Chin & Jawline £70.00 £189.00 £336.00 £420.00
Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline £90.00 £243.00 £432.00 £540.00
Beard / Half Face £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Face £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Face & Front Neck £130.00 £351.00 £624.00 £780.00
Fingers £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Hands & Fingers £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Underarms £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulder Blades £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulders £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Upper or Lower Arms £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Arms £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Toes £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Feet & Toes £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Lower Leg £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Thighs £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Leg £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Upper Body
Nipples £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Navel Pubis £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Abdomen £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Half Back £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Chest £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Back £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Back & Shoulders £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £180.00 £486.00 £864.00 £1,080.00
Peri-anal £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Bikini £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Brazilian £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Buttocks £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Hollywood & Peri-anal £88.00 £237.60 £422.40 £528.00
Combination Packages
Bikini & Underarms £92.00 £248.40 £441.60 £552.00
Brazilian & Underarms £110.00 £297.00 £528.00 £660.00
Hollywood & Underarms £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Bikini & Lower Leg £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Hollywood & Lower Leg £158.00 £426.60 £758.40 £948.00
Bikini & Full Leg £177.00 £477.90 £849.60 £1062.00
Brazilian & Full Leg £198.00 £534.60 £950.40 £1188.00
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anti-wrinkle injections vs dermal fillers brighton

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are arguably the cornerstones of aesthetic treatments. The most popular and well-known, these treatments continue to be performed and regulated all over the world, but they do occasionally get confused with each other. They’re so popular, but how much do you know about how they’re performed, where they treat, and how they work? Celebrities in the public eye have become more open about receiving these treatments, but how much do you know about them? Let’s discover the differences between anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers!


What they’re made of

These two injectable treatments are made of very different substances which completely alter where they are placed and what they treat. Dermal fillers, for example, are typically made from a substance that closely mimics hyaluronic acid. This is a sugar that is naturally found within the body and that promotes skin hydration, laxity, and volume. Because they are made of this close-to-natural substance, they’re completely safe to inject within skin tissue. Anti-wrinkle injections, however, are made of a medically regulated toxin that has been researched and formally approved for use within aesthetic treatments. Rather than injecting into the skin tissue, as dermal fillers do, this treatment is injected into facial muscles to produce different results.


What they do

These two injectable treatments differ greatly in what their intended uses are. Dermal fillers are used to create volume, contour, and structure in areas of the face. They enhance thinning skin and skin tissue to create the appearance of fuller, younger-looking skin. They’re particularly useful for the signs of ageing when facial folds appear. Anti-wrinkle injections, on the other hand, are injected into over-active muscles in the face to relax them and stop them contracting as aggressively. These contractions are characterised as the muscles forming expressions, so these medical injections still allow some movement without the muscles creasing the thinning skin that sits atop them.


Where they treat

Because dermal fillers are injected directly into soft skin tissue, they work in many areas of the mid-to-lower face, since gravity pulls tissue downwards. Lip fillers, cheek fillers, nose-to-mouth lines, and mouth-to-chin or marionette lines can be softened with dermal fillers. By adding structure to these areas, you can create a more glamorous appearance or simply replenish volume that has been lost to the natural ageing process. They can even achieve a non-surgical 8-point facelift. Anti-wrinkle injections function very differently and mainly focus themselves on the upper face, where our overly expressive muscles are. Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and a drooping brow are all treated using these medical injections used to softened overly enthusiastic muscles.


However, anti-wrinkle injections have found themselves at the forefront of aesthetics research for many medical uses. One of the popular medical uses for anti-wrinkle injections is for the management of excess sweating, or hyperhidrosis. When in localised areas, this embarrassing condition can make day-to-day life difficult to contend with. Using injections of medical toxin, you can successfully lessen the amount of sweat produced in the target areas. Popular treatment areas include the under-arms and the hairline, though more areas are also being researched. The medical uses for this toxin continue to develop every year, so maybe keep your eyes peeled…


These two treatments are very different, but they’re often used in tandem to create overall facial rejuvenation. If you are seeking subtle facial refreshment or added volume, definitely consider dermal fillers. If you are experiencing fine lines and wrinkles that you’d rather not, find out more about anti-wrinkle treatments! At your initial consultation, we’ll talk you through all of your treatment options and advise on the best course of action. Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01273 262600 today.