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Different Areas of Anti-wrinkle Injections? Available to our Patients

Upper Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Laughter lines
Mid Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Lines around the nose - Nasal scrunch
  • Lines around the mouth - Smokers lines, Marionette Lines
Lower Face Anti-wrinkle injections area of treatment:
  • Jaw line - To soften the Masseter or chewing muscles to give a softer jaw line
  • Neck Lift - The No-knife Celebrity Neck Lift is an advanced procedure which redefines lines of the jaw and neck; reducing the appearance of jowls for a youthful more contoured appearance
  • Chin - To eliminate cross-hatched lines that give the chin an undesirable look
  • Decollage - To reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles between the collar bones and the tops of the breasts
Anti-wrinkle injections to combat excessive perspiration:

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to reduce excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis) which can affect the hands, armpits, chest and feet and treatments are extremely effective, quickly reducing this sometimes embarrassing condition.

Allison Jeffery


Single Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments Course of 8 Treatments
Nose £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Eyebrows £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Earlobes £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Cheek £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Upper Lip £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Chin £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Jawline £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Sideburns £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Neck - Front £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Upper Lip & Chin £65.00 £175.50 £312.00 £390.00
Chin & Jawline £70.00 £189.00 £336.00 £420.00
Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline £90.00 £243.00 £432.00 £540.00
Beard / Half Face £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Face £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Face & Front Neck £130.00 £351.00 £624.00 £780.00
Fingers £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Hands & Fingers £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Underarms £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulder Blades £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulders £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Upper or Lower Arms £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Arms £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Toes £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Feet & Toes £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Lower Leg £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Thighs £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Leg £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Upper Body
Nipples £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Navel Pubis £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Abdomen £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Half Back £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Chest £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Back £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Back & Shoulders £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £180.00 £486.00 £864.00 £1,080.00
Peri-anal £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Bikini £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Brazilian £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Buttocks £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Hollywood & Peri-anal £88.00 £237.60 £422.40 £528.00
Combination Packages
Bikini & Underarms £92.00 £248.40 £441.60 £552.00
Brazilian & Underarms £110.00 £297.00 £528.00 £660.00
Hollywood & Underarms £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Bikini & Lower Leg £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Hollywood & Lower Leg £158.00 £426.60 £758.40 £948.00
Bikini & Full Leg £177.00 £477.90 £849.60 £1062.00
Brazilian & Full Leg £198.00 £534.60 £950.40 £1188.00
6 Loyal Parade, Mill Rise, Westdene, Brighton BN1 5GG
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