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Allison Jeffery is the highly skilled Brighton non-surgical cosmetic practioner. From celebrities to busy mums, grooms and brides to be, Allison has treated hundreds of men and women at her Award-Wining Skin Health Clinic, helping them to improve their appearance and gain confidence in their looks.  

Allison combines her skills as a non-surgical cosmetic practitioner with an unparalleled artistic eye having studied both the body, it’s form and structure from a medical and physiological background as well as from an art and design discipline; this provides Allison with a unique and much sought after approach and ensures the most natural and aesthetically pleasing results for her clients.

Qualified and regulated
As a fully qualified facial aesthetics practitioner with an on-site Doctor present for medical assessment and prescribing, her Award-Winning clinic is regulated and fully insured and compliant with the latest General Medical Council ruling on Botox prescribing and treatments. She has trained and qualified to perform a number of procedures including:

The exclusive Designer Lip, Dermaroller Medical Device training, Advanced Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Hands-on Training Course, Dermal Filler Hands-on Training Course and Laser Training Course - Lumenis Aculight IPL hair removal. All qualifications and acreditations are viewable at the Brighton Skin Health clinic.

Allison Jeffery is a trusted and experience professional who will spend time in your consultation to assess your needs and recommend the best treatment for you.  To read some of her testimonals please click here.

Highest quality, safe products

Using only the highest quality, regulated and safe products, all treatments provided by Allison Jeffery are affordable, competitive and value for money. To see her pricelist click here or join her Facebook page or Google + page.

Busy lifestyle? No problem, Allison can offer treatments at a time that suits you in relaxed surroundings as well as free parking at her Brighton clinic. Her practices are fully insured and regulated.

Queen of Lips

Allison Jeffery's reputation as a shaper of aesthetically beautiful, natural lips is second to none, in fact she's known as The Queen of Lips! Allison Jeffery is  one of a select handful of practitioners in the UK that are trained and qualified to perform the exclusive Designer Lip

Allison's lip enhancements procedure ensure that the lips are natural looking, balanced and proportioned to the client's size and shape of face; thus avoiding the ‘trout pout’ and over-augmented plastic loo




Have you been offered 'bargain' aesthetic treatments?

Allison Jeffery’s award-winning Skin Health Clinic based in Brighton has a reputation for excellence across the South East due to the highest quality of treatments on offer by experienced, qualified practitioners who have specific areas of expertise.  Her Skin Health Clinic is fully regulated with on-site Doctor and Nurse Prescribers present for consultation and prescribing as required by Law.

Bargain treatments can put you at risk and are often offered by:

-- newly qualified practitioners or even people who have received no training at all,
-- people operating from unlicensed premises that fall below basic health and safety standards,
-- practitioners who may be expert in one area but not in the treatment they are offering you,
-- clinics that don't adhere to the legal requirement to have an onsite Prescriber present,
-- practitioners who do not abide by needle safety protocols,
-- people using untested, cheaper, counterfeit Botox and Filler injectable products that may be harmful.


As tempting as it may seem, please be aware that you could be putting your health and appearance at risk: always ask about the person performing your treatments and how many years experience they have in the treatment they are offering you. If the price is low, there’s probably a reason for it.




Call 01273 262600 9.30 - 4pm or text 07989 355925 out of clinic hours for a consultation. Consultations are free when you book a treatment.

Procedures by Allison Jeffery's Skin Health Clinic:

Botox - Upper face
Botox - Lower face
The One Stitch Face Lift
Sculptra - Collagen Replenishment
Dermal Fillers - Juvederm®Restylane®
Lip Enhancements - shaping and volume
Designer Lips
Skin Growth Removal
Tear Troughs
Cheek Shaping
Marionette Lines
Skin Needling - Genuine Dermaroller®
Men's Treatments

The Allison Jeffery Skin Health Clinic is the recipient of The What Clinic 2014 Award for Excellent Customer Service.  The brand new, state-of-the-art clinic is located in Westdene, Brighton, click here for details on how to find us.

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