Different Areas of Anti-wrinkle Injections? Available to our Patients

Upper Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Laughter lines
Mid Face Anti-wrinkle injections areas of treatment:
  • Lines around the nose - Nasal scrunch
  • Lines around the mouth - Smokers lines, Marionette Lines
Lower Face Anti-wrinkle injections area of treatment:
  • Jaw line - To soften the Masseter or chewing muscles to give a softer jaw line
  • Neck Lift - The No-knife Celebrity Neck Lift is an advanced procedure which redefines lines of the jaw and neck; reducing the appearance of jowls for a youthful more contoured appearance
  • Chin - To eliminate cross-hatched lines that give the chin an undesirable look
  • Decollage - To reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles between the collar bones and the tops of the breasts
Anti-wrinkle injections to combat excessive perspiration:

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to reduce excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis) which can affect the hands, armpits, chest and feet and treatments are extremely effective, quickly reducing this sometimes embarrassing condition.

Price list for laser hair removal - 50% OFF – From £20

Single Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments Course of 8 Treatments
Nose £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Eyebrows £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Earlobes £37.00 £99.90 £177.60 £222.00
Cheek £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Upper Lip £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Chin £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Jawline £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Sideburns £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Neck - Front £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Upper Lip & Chin £65.00 £175.50 £312.00 £390.00
Chin & Jawline £70.00 £189.00 £336.00 £420.00
Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline £90.00 £243.00 £432.00 £540.00
Beard / Half Face £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Face £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Face & Front Neck £130.00 £351.00 £624.00 £780.00
Fingers £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Hands & Fingers £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Underarms £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulder Blades £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Shoulders £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Upper or Lower Arms £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Arms £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Toes £45.00 £121.50 £216.00 £270.00
Feet & Toes £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Lower Leg £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Thighs £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Leg £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Upper Body
Nipples £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Navel Pubis £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Abdomen £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Half Back £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Chest £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Full Back £95.00 £256.50 £456.00 £570.00
Full Back & Shoulders £140.00 £378.00 £672.00 £840.00
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £180.00 £486.00 £864.00 £1080.00
Peri-anal £50.00 £135.00 £240.00 £300.00
Bikini £60.00 £162.00 £288.00 £360.00
Brazilian £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Buttocks £77.00 £207.90 £369.60 £462.00
Hollywood & Peri-anal £88.00 £237.60 £422.40 £528.00
Combination Packages
Bikini & Underarms £92.00 £248.40 £441.60 £552.00
Brazilian & Underarms £110.00 £297.00 £528.00 £660.00
Hollywood & Underarms £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Bikini & Lower Leg £125.00 £337.50 £600.00 £750.00
Hollywood & Lower Leg £158.00 £426.60 £758.40 £948.00
Bikini & Full Leg £177.00 £477.90 £849.60 £1062.00
Brazilian & Full Leg £198.00 £534.60 £950.40 £1188.00
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At the Allison Jeffery Skin Health and Laser Clinic, we use the Soprano ICE laser hair-removal system for facial hair removal. This award-winning technology is a celebrity favourite and offers a longer-lasting solution for facial hair removal including the upper lip, chin, eyebrows and cheeks.

Unwanted facial hair can leave you feeling self-conscious and unconfident. Hair removal creams, waxing, bleaching, shaving and plucking are all time consuming with disappointing results. Worse still, they can have adverse effects such as skin rashes and reactions, stubble and ingrown hair.

At Brighton’s celebrity skin clinic, we’re aware of the frustrations facial hair (and facial hair removal methods) can bring. That’s why we’ve invested in the Soprano ICE laser hair-removal system. Its precision technology makes it ideal for treating smaller and difficult to target areas such as the chin and eyebrows. Renowned for its efficacy and safety record, Soprano ICE provides quicker, pain-free results that are reliable and longer lasting than IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and less advanced laser hair removal systems.

How facial laser hair removal works

The Soprano ICE laser hair-removal system is the first choice of many leading clinics and physicians. The treatment works by delivering precisely-controlled sweeps of energy which are absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles. This gradually heats through to the root of the follicle to break down its base so that hair can no longer grow back Unlike many other laser hair removal systems, it doesn’t use single blasts of strong energy which can cause trauma to the skin or feel painful.

Pain-free facial hair removal

Facial skin is very sensitive and it’s also much more difficult to hide any kind or reaction if it does occur. Soprano ICE is an ideal choice for these delicate areas as it’s the only clinically-proven method of laser hair removal that causes no pain.* The superior cooling head means you only experience a warming sensation as opposed to the pain and discomfort associated with IPL and other laser hair removal systems. Advanced technology based on gradual heat (rather than strong blasts) also makes Soprano ICE far safer for facial hair removal. Skin is protected throughout the short treatment with cutting-edge cooling technology to stop side effects such as burns and blisters. This also means that you’re free to carry on with your day as normal after treatment as there’s no downtime.

Complete coverage

The Soprano ICE laser hair-removal system’s unique IN-Motion technology ensures complete coverage of the treatment area. It uses industry gold-standard diodes to ensure the application of light energy is constant. The light energy is delivered in a sweeping motion across the skin to remove more hair, more quickly. This helps to reduce treatment times compared to other laser hair removal technologies.

Suitable for all skin and hair types

Unlike many other laser hair removal systems, Soprano ICE is effective for all skin types and hair colours (except for grey hair). It can even be used on tanned skin.

Your facial hair removal treatment

Facial laser hair removal is carried out by our highly-experienced laser hair removal therapist. You’ll have a consultation first to help us devise a personal treatment plan that’s completely right for you (we’ll also carry out a laser patch test).

Treatment begins by cleansing the appropriate facial area before applying a cool gel. The next step is to deliver laser light to your hair follicles using a hand-held probe. This targets many hairs at the same time. The device is then moved to the next area of the skin and the process is repeated.

At the end of the treatment, the therapist will remove the cool gel before applying aloe gel to gently soothe and calm your skin.

laser hair removal *Individual results may vary.
Read our Reviews *Individual results may vary.
*Individual results may vary.


During your consultation at the Allison Jeffery Skin Health and Laser Clinic in Brighton, the Soprano ICE laser hair removal therapist will discuss and assess the facial areas for hair removal to ensure the best results.


After applying a cool gel to the treatment area, the Soprano ICE hand-held probe will be used to deliver laser light. The gel will be removed once the treatment is completed.

*Individual results may vary.


In clinical studies, the Soprano ICE laser hair removal system was found to be considerably less painful and more effective in removing hair than any other system. It’s expertly designed to remove unwanted hair more quickly and comfortably with long-lasting results and fewer visits required. Our highly-experienced and qualified Soprano ICE laser hair removal therapist ensures optimum results.


It is completely normal for skin to look a little red after treatment. This should subside within 24 hours.* It is important to protect your skin from the sun to avoid any darkening of skin pigment.

The Allison Jeffery Skin Health and Laser Clinic provides 24-hour aftercare if you have any concerns or questions after your treatment.